Hof Thelker 2nd Online Auction with Foals on 15 - 17 August 2019

Fri, 08/16/2019 - 15:47
Hof Thelker Online Auction
2nd Hof Thelker Online Auction

From 15 August to 17 August 2019, Hof Thelker is hosting its second Online Auction, this time with a special collection of foals. 

As the Thelker family had a very positive experience organizing its first Online Auction in March 2018 with a collection of 12 riding horses, this time Thelker and some befriended breeders decided to retake this new way of marketing horses, this time with a small but exquisite collection of foals. 

Check out the entire Foal collection on Horse24.com where all foals are extensively described and illustrated with photos and videos. 

Interested parties are warmly welcomed to book an appointment and see the foals live. 

For this Online Foal Auction, each foal is offered for sale with individual starting price, which each breeder has decided for himself. 

For more information and questions, contact Christian Thelker at +49 175 854 3529.

Quick link to the 2nd Hof Thelker Online Foal Auction

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